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Our Story 

Our story began about 15 years ago, when life brought us individually to San Antonio and the restaurant industry brought us together here in the Tri-City area.  Working as colleagues, we became friends before our paths took us in different directions. During that time apart and subsequently finding ourselves on the same road again, the realization that we were more than just friends followed and we married in 2020.  We live happily in the Schertz area with our son, 5 dogs, 3 fish tanks, 2 parakeets, and Fang the hamster.  


We are greatly involved in our community and are continuously looking for additional ways to give back.  We love supporting local youth through sponsorship: Little League, YMCA and school education and athletic programs.  We also enjoy supporting and contributing to the Alzheimer’s Association. 


Combined, we have over 50 years of experience in the restaurant industry.  Grampie’s Pizzeria is a culmination of our lifelong dream of having our own restaurant. The journey to get here had many challenges but taught us so much.  We are excited to serve you and our community!  


From our famiglia to yours, thank you for your support and mangiamo!


Kristen and Aaron

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Why Grampie's?

My grandfather, whom I called Grampie, was the first child born in the U.S. to his Italian immigrant parents. He spent most of his life in Southern Illinois working as a gas utilityman.  Growing up, I had a very special connection to Grampie. He taught me how to have fun, work hard, honor family and appreciate the simpler parts of life.


Some of my fondest childhood memories were mornings spent fishing at the fairgrounds or hunting squirrel, both some of Grampie’s favorite pastimes.  Afternoons would be spent in the living room, playing gin rummy on the coffee table while the St. Louis Cardinals were playing in the background. Other times, we would simply relax and watch our favorite TV shows together.  No matter what adventure was planned for the day, we couldn’t go anywhere until meals, chores and prayers were finished. 


During my visits we frequented a local pizzeria called Pasquale’s. This is where I first fell in love with pizza.  They had an all you can eat pizza and salad bar.  It seemed like every time we went, Grampie and I could eat at least 20 slices. (I’m sure Grampie ate most of them).  


In 1996, we lost Grampie after a brave fight with Alzheimer’s.  However, I continue to carry his memory with me and this restaurant is dedicated to him.


As a family owned and operated business, we hope that our little piece of the pie can help your family create lifelong memories of your own. 


Buon appetito!



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